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QSL Cards

QSL Cards

Many people think QSL cards are a thing of the past. Why do we need them? We have Logbook of the World, eQSL, QRZ, Clublog and the list goes on.

When I first started in ham radio in the 80’s there were none of these services and before a QSO could be deemed complete we sent out a QSL card. I was so excited when each QSL came in return. Where did it come from? The next state over or the other side of the world? Either way, it didn’t matter, I looked at each one with awe and wonder knowing that I was able to contact this person over the radio. No wires. No cell service. Just by talking into the radio mic or using a strait key and tickling some electrons in a wire that created a radio wave that went out my antenna and somehow hit their antenna and tickled some electrons in their radio where my voice or code came out. Why wouldn’t you want that card that confirms your contact?

I can look at each one of my cards and remember the contact. I still even have cards from the DeVry Amateur Radio Club. I’ll look through them over and over never getting tired of seeing where I’ve talked to.  I am astonished that my little radio and antenna has made so many contacts. I show my kids (maybe someday grandkids) the exotic places I’ve talked to. These cards are exciting to me and does not have the same wow factor as looking at a check box on a computer screen.

I’ve sent out commercially made cards since I started in radio but this week I decided to design my own. I wanted that personal touch on my card. I ordered QSL card stock from Ham Stuff and used Microsoft Publisher to create my cards. I have four different designs all highlighting unique areas of Lakeland. I want the person who receives my card to know that some thought and time has gone into my QSL card and I hope it inspires them (and you) to send out cards. Please, keep on updating LoTW and the other sites, but don’t forget that personal touch and send out a QSL card.