Rag Chew

Rag Chew

In ham radio a long conversation is called a rag chew. I’ve had my 3 first real rag chews on CW this week. Each one lasted 20+ minutes and I was able to copy the code fine. In fact, I had a harder time sending the code then copying for some reason. Probably because I was going “off-script.” I usually have a little script I follow for each contact and I was sending just what came to mind including weather, radio and antenna type and family info. It was a blast!

Its a great start to the week because tonight is the unofficial start of CW Ops class. We have a shakedown tonight to make sure our Skype works, mics and headsets work, and of course, we have out keys set up right. I’m looking forward to this as I really like CW and would like to send and receive at 15 words a minute.

The streak is now at 15 days!

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