I thought today my QRP streak would end early. It was storming last night so I couldn’t get on the radio and this afternoon I’ll be at my daughters. That left early this morning to get my contact in.

My first contact was DX, KH6LC in Hawaii. But I had to use 10 watts to get him so not officially QRP. Then I heard JM7OLW in Japan. He never heard me until I pumped it up to 110 watts and then it was rough. But I was able to get him in the log, but still no QRP contact for the day.

So I decided to call CQ on 7055, the SKCC calling frequency with 5 watts using my J-36 key. Thankfully, after a few calls Al, N9YHF, answered me from NC. He gave me a 569 and I’ll take it. My streak goes on!

I’m going to set up my WSPRlite on 20 meters when I’m gone and see how the propagation is today.

Its only 7:20 am so I’m going to see if I can get a QRP DX call in before I have to get ready to go. Thanks for following my escapades!



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