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1130 MPW

1130 MPW

What does 1130 mpw mean? To me, a great deal. What it means is I was able to make a contact today at 1130 miles per watt. That is my longest, low power contact. I want to thank Duc, F5UQEin Saint Jans Cappel, France for helping me achieve this goal. I am now eligible for the SKCC 1,000 miles per watt award.

Who says you need a high power station and a huge antenna farm to make contacts? I was able to do it today with 4 watts and a wire!

Oh, if you are wondering how I’m doing on the NAQCC challenge… I just have 15 more letters to get:
1 – C
4 – E
1 – L
2 – R
2 – S
1 – T
1 – U
3 – Y

Wish me luck!

AE4RM’s Blog

AE4RM’s Blog

This is my home station, most of which doubles as my portable station. If consists of an Elecraft KX3, laptop for logging and digital modes, Yeasu FTM-3200D, MFJ power supply, and MFJ antenna tuner. Home antennas consist of an Alpha-Delta DX-CC and a homemade J-pole for 2 meters and 70 cm on a 30 foot home made tiltable mast (so it can come down during a hurricane). The ball is for Samantha, my German Shepherd Dog who is usually right next to me when I’m on the radio.

My station may be small and I can only run 15 watts max at this point but I have confirmed 111 countries confirmed on LoTW, 103 on phone and 53 on CW.

When I am not operating at home I can now be found doing my new favorite thing – Parks on the Air. But more on that in a different post.

I do operate mainly CW now. I use a Lionel J-36 bug (slowed down with additional weights), a Navy flameproof, and an American Morse KK1B strait key. I also enjoy SSB and work the digital modes – JT65, PSK31, and Winlink RMS Express.

I am a member of the following:
SKCC – 15542T
FISTS – 17946
NAQCC – 8477
Flying Pigs – 3783
QCWA – 37324
OMISS – 10396
YLSSB – 17145
SkyWarn – POL-914

I am a member of the Lake Wales Radio Amateurs and participate regularly in their monthly QRP day. I also am member of the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club and am active on their repeater.

I originally started this on blogspot but when I found out they did not have a iPhone app, I moved to WordPress.