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Museum Ships Weekend

Museum Ships Weekend

I admit it.  I’m a paper chaser. I like getting awards, special event certificates, and, of course, QSL cards. This weekend was one I was seriously chasing some paper.

You never have to worry about keeping ham radio fresh.  There is always a contest or special event to participate in. Some last a day, some a month and some can go on even longer (think National Parks on the Air). There are also groups like Strait Key Century Club that have awards and levels based on how many fellow member you contact with the proper exchange.  Another one of my favorites is World Wide Fauna and Flower (WWFF-KFF Parks on the Air). It’s very similar to NPOTA but is worldwide and ongoing.
This weekend was Museum Ships Weekend. There were 109 ships on the air this weekend. I was able to work 16. I needed 15 to get the special certificate. I wanted the extra one just in case I had a busted call sign. The one thing I was really disappointed that  I did not hear more stations working CW. There were many voice stations I could not work because of my power limitations but CW is the great equalizer.

I was able to work:

6 – SSB
9 – CW
1 – PSK31

I’ll get my QSL cards and log out this week. As you saw in my last post, I like getting them and there are some really neat ones for special events. The best part about this is I went into this weekend with no expectations of getting the 15 ships for the certificate. I just thought I’d get a few cool QSL cards. Next thing you know, I’m at ten contacts and need just five more for the certificate. I never left the radio until I got the five.

On to my next quest, NAQCC monthly challenge and then field day in two weeks. Like I said, never a dull moment. Although I’m not a big fan of field day, I do participate. Since I activate parks for WWFF-KFF I am already well versed in setting up my station without power and with a temporary antenna.