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1130 MPW

1130 MPW

What does 1130 mpw mean? To me, a great deal. What it means is I was able to make a contact today at 1130 miles per watt. That is my longest, low power contact. I want to thank Duc, F5UQEin Saint Jans Cappel, France for helping me achieve this goal. I am now eligible for the SKCC 1,000 miles per watt award.

Who says you need a high power station and a huge antenna farm to make contacts? I was able to do it today with 4 watts and a wire!

Oh, if you are wondering how I’m doing on the NAQCC challenge… I just have 15 more letters to get:
1 – C
4 – E
1 – L
2 – R
2 – S
1 – T
1 – U
3 – Y

Wish me luck!