Current Contact Streak

Current Contact Streak

A fellow ham, K3WWP is currently on a 23+ year streak of making a QRP CW contact every day. Well, not one to shy away from a challenge, I have decided to see how long I can go making a QRP CW contact daily as well. Tongue-In-Cheek I say my goal is 23 years (or however long John keeps up his streak) but I’m going in short chunks. My first goal is a contact every day until September 30. That will be a 40-day streak. I will increase my goals accordingly.

The tracking chart below I borrowed from John, K3WWP, with his permission. Please read about his streak here. Thanks, John, for not making me reinvent the wheel!

Current Streak

UTC DateDay#CallQTHNameBandNoteHRNr of QSOsDX,Band,Hr
2017-090416K9TVMOKent30-002J68HZ, 20, 01
2017-09-0315K1OVCtMike30-006VX3150, 12, 10
2017-09-0214K3MDMiJohn20-004VE2FK, 20, 00
2017-09-0113TG9ADMGuatemalaDante30-003TG9ADM, 30, 00
2017-08-3011KP4TFPREddie30-156KP4TF, 30, 15
2017-08-289K08LOHDale40-119EA8/F4EGZ. 20. 22
2017-08-278N9YHFNCAl40C114JM7OLW, 40, 11
2107-08-267N1FSVTAddison County Amateur Radio Assoc.20-1916KH7XS, 15, 19
2017-08-256XK150YUKONCanadaYukon Contest Club201007XK150YUKON, 20, 00
2017-08-245K2FINYDavid30-002HK1MW, 40, 10
2017-08-234N5PHTTXGary20T135ON4UN, 20, 13
2017-08-223HI3TDomRepTed30-111HI3T, 30, 11
2017-08-212W5FMHTXS. TX Remote DX Club20T158VP9/DL1YAF, 30, 21
2017-08-201AH6AXMDLarry20T179F5MXQ, 20, 23

The table above shows info as explained here on QSOs I’ve made on the most recent 10 days:

UTC Date: 0000Z to 2400Z (8PM to 8PM EDST or 7PM to 7PM EST).
Day #: Number of days in the streak
Call: The call of one station (usually the first) I worked that day to continue the streak
QTH: State, Province, or Country abbreviation.
Name: The name of the ham in the QSO
Bnd: The band of the QSO
C = the QSO came from my CQ
T = the QSO came from a contest
1 = the DX answered my first call
E = a tail-end call from the station
– = none of the above
Hour: The UTC (Z) hour of the QSO
Nr of QSOs: The number of QSOs I made that day
DX, BAND, HOUR: My DX QSO of the day, band worked, hour (Z) worked

Streak stats as of August 24, 2017:
Days – 5 Days
DX streak – 5 Days
Total QSO’s – 2074
DX QSO’s – 758
Different hams – 1520
Hams worked first time last month – 44

I will make every effort to update the streak table daily and the stats at the beginning of each month.