Roger Meadows has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1988 where he tested for his Novice license while attending DeVry University. Although he cannot remember his Novice call, he considers his first call to be N9HEO, the call he received when he became a Tech (and then Tech Plus with no-code). He held that call until 1999 when he moved to Florida and was assigned KG4GGG. Unfortunately, he let his license lapse and when he retested he shortly became KM4NCQ before getting his KG4GGG call sign back. Roger then became an Amateur Extra and requested and received AE4RM, RM for his initials.

Roger’s radio activities are primarily CW QRP these days as he works to increase his speed and sending capabilities. He’ll go up to 100 watts in a contest or to work that rare DX. He does, on occasion, still hook up a mic and work some voice contacts. Roger also likes to work the digital modes as well. Roger’s favorite activity is Parks on the Air. He likes to go to the numerous State Parks in Florid and activate them.

His shack includes a K2 that is used primarily for digital modes with a SignaLink USB. The primary rig is the KX-Line – KX3, PX3 and KXPA100 (usually in “stand-by” mode). HE also has a Yaesu FTM-3200 and FT-1DX. His home antennas include an Alpha-Antenna DX-CC 10-20-40-80 fan dipole 30′ up as an inverted V, a CushCraft R-9 vertical 10-foot up, and he will soon have a 100+ foot random wire strung through his trees. For portable operations he uses a Buddi-Pole Deluxe Long version and a LNR Precision 10-20-40 Trail Friendly End Fed. You can also see Roger on WSPR when he has his WSPRLite hooked up.

Roger’s station is power by Apple! A Mac Mini is at the heart of the station running MacLoggerDX. He is very impressed with the application and the developer is top-notch and answers support questions almost 24/7! All the digital software comes in a Mac version as well – WSJTS and JT-Bridge. For contesting he uses Skookum Logger (the jury is still out on that one as he has only used it in one contest so far) with a WinKeyer USB he built. Even though he can run almost everything he needs on his Mac, he still needs the occasion Windows program. If possible, he uses CrossOver (a Mac version on Wine) to run the applications in a window on the Mac. Packages he uses CrossOver for are the SKCC Logger and Skimmer and various CW Tutors. He also uses Virtual Box to run a Windows 10 virtual machine for applications like RT-Systems to program his Yaesus or any other apps that cannot run in a CrossOver windows.

Outside of ham radio Roger is the father of four beautiful girls – Tiff, Toni, Tori and Candis, of all he is very proud of. ┬áRoger also holds an Associates Degree in Electronic, a Bachelors Degree in Business with an IT concentration, and a Masters Degree in Non-Profit Management. He spent over 27 years in the electronics and IT industry and also started a non-profit therapeutic riding center.