Its Been A While

Its Been A While

It’s been a few days since I updated my blog and QSO count. My DX streak did end early. Conditions Thursday were just awful. I was able to keep my QRP QSO streak going!

I just had my longest and best QSO on CW. Thank you to Mike, K1OV, who was very patient and sent slowly. I have two notebook pages of copy from our QSO! We went for almost 30 mins. That is a long QSO for me, especially using CW. My sending was actually worse than my copy tonight. I was able to copy his code quite well but my fist just wasn’t there tonight. I think it might be because I’m switching between the keyed and the bug.

Overall, I’m happy with my CW progress. Monday we start CW Ops training. that is 8 weeks of “intense” CW training where we meet 2 times a week via Skype with an instructor. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading and 73!

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