One Week

One Week

My streak is continuing. I’m at one week with both a CW and CW DX contact. I wasn’t sure about today’s. Last night at 00 hour it was storming and stormed until I went to bed. Then this morning I an obligation I had to meet and when I got home I just had to lay down. When I got up, it was raining again, but I was able to get a POTA park,, KFF-3111 and my DX was Hawaii. But you think, “Roger, Hawaii is part of the US!” It is a state but as far as DXCC is concerned, Hawaii is a separate entity and has its own DXCC number and that is what I’m going by.

I hope to get back on at 00 hour today to get my contact for the 27th as tomorrow I’ll be gone most of the day visiting my daughter up in Gainesville. Its a 3 hour ride each way so most of my day will be gone.

I can hear thunder, so time to unplug again. 72 everyone!

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