New Page On Site – Watch My Streak

New Page On Site – Watch My Streak

I’ve added a new page to my blog site – my current streak. I’d like to thank John, K3WWP, for allowing my to copy the format he has for his 23 year streak. I’ll try to update my streak numbers daily and the stats monthly (after I figure out how the couch the numbers in MacLoggerDX).

XK150I’m on day 6 of my streak. Not only have a made a QRP CW contact for six days in a row, I’ve made a DX (log distance – out of country) contact as well with 5 watts! Today is was YK150YUKON! They have a cool QSL card I’m going to send for.

We’ll see if I can keep this streak up for a month. If I do, I’ll extend it from there. I’m taking a page from John’s notebook as well and ZI’m trying to make my contact when the UTC clock turns to 00:00 each day. Right now that is 8:00pm EDT and will be at 7:00 EST when the clocks change. It just gets it done and I don’t have to worry if its storming tomorrow or if the bands are poor.

Wish me luck as I try to continue this streak.

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