Not a Good Radio Day

Not a Good Radio Day

Not a good radio day here for me. First, bands are band. There is a solar storm. Next, I’m waiting for a guy to come and find/fix out pool leaks. Finally, I’m still in a rental car as my truck has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks now getting a rebuilt engine put in (actually the second since the first one failed before I paid for it). I can get out and about but I’m not comfortable bringing Sam in the car since she sheds a lot.

I had a good meeting with my CWops Elmer last night. I’ve been stressed that my brain injury would hamper my code training. I told him where I was at and he said that is normal. I guess I’m overly sensitive on failure since my TBI. I also received a new set of paddles. They are inexpensive MFJ paddles (MFJ – Mighty Fine Junk) but they will work for the class. If I end up liking paddles over the bug or strait key I’ll get a better set. In fact, by the time the Orlando Hamcation comes around in February I’ll know if I want a better set and I”ll be able to try some there.

I’m going to try to go the the NAQCC West Central Florida (WCF) outing tomorrow morning. Its all the way at Anclote Gulf Park. That’s over a hour and a half away but I need to get out and see some people! I’m hoping this is a friendly group and is accepting of Sam and I.

Well, thats about it for today. I’ll try to play radio a little later today and hopefully make a few contacts.

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