Working on a plan

Working on a plan

My activity on the radio has been limited lately. This is due to many reasons – health, poor band conditions, and family commitments – just to name a few. I’ve been doing a lot of listening the last few days and made a few contacts.



What I have done is start my Parks on the Air (POTA) plan. I found out that there are 84 parks within 100 miles of my QTH and 25 miles from my moms house! See all the stars on the map? Those are the parks. That is a lot I can activate without driving far. Now, some of them are wildlife preserves and actual islands that I may not be able to get to (especially the islands since I don’t have a boat) but that is still a lot.

There is some special POTA awards called the Warthog, Rhino and Cheetah. That is for operating 2,3 and 5 parks in a 24-hour period. Looking at the map, there is no reason I should not be able to get these awards.

I also have decided that I will most likely stay overnight at a hotel when working the east coast of Florida. I’ll invite the family and they can hang out at the beech when I work the parks. I figure to work the multiple parks in a few days and not drive back and forth, staying at a hotel, will cost the same as the gas money and wear and tear on the truck.

I’ve also tuned up the 20, 30 and 40 meter verticals on the mag mount on my truck. I did that since some of the locations I may not be able to set up an antenna and have to work from the parking lot. Some of the sites are museums so I defiantly cannot set up my BuddiPole there.  This way I can pop the mag mount on the top of the truck with the right antenna and hopefully get my 10 contacts.

Hope to see you in the logbook soon!


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